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Who is the Allied International Union?

The AIU (Allied International Union) represents Security Guards ONLY.

We represent over 6,000 security professionals across the U.S. As a pure security guard union, we are guaranteed to have our elections certified at the National Labor Relations Board. We understand that security guards put their lives on the line each day, and should be credited for the dangers they face in protecting the general public. Allied is dedicated to fighting for the rights of these brave individuals who protect every one of us each day.

Why is Belonging to a Union that Represents Security Guards ONLY so Important?

Section 9(b)(3) of the National Labor Relations Act says that security guards should belong to security guard unions. The Act specifies that a guard union is one that represents security guards only. A true guard union does not admit non security guards into its membership. In fact, the Section further provides that only pure security guard unions will be entitled to have elections certified at the National Labor Relations Board. This historic provision of the Law was enacted to protect building owners and security guards in the event of labor unrest, such as strikes, pickets, rallys, etc. The logic is simple. Security Guards have the special job of protecting property and the public. People and property need special attention during labor unrest. Would the general public and building owners really feel protected during a strike if the security guards were on the wrong side of the picket line? NO! This is why the law feels that Guards should belong to GUARD UNIONS! A security guard who is not affiliated with strikers and picketers will never have to choose between protecting those he is hired to protect or rallying with those who strike at his workplace.

It has been our mission to remain loyal to our members, and true to the security guard industry. Allied International Union does not allow non guards into our membership, and we never will. Security professionals everywhere can feel confident in choosing Allied International as their representative, and know that they are guaranteed the legal right to vote yes for Allied.

Is AIU Affiliated with any Other Unions?

No. Under Section 9(b) 3 of the National Labor Relations Act, a security guard union is unable to affiliate with any unions that admit non-guards into its membership. Under this Section of the law, we would lose our right to have our security guard elections certified at the Labor Board if we had any union affiliations.

What can Allied International Union do for me?

AIU can improve your professional life by:

  • Negotiating better wages and benefits.
  • Creating better working conditions.
  • A voice in improving the quality of the workplace.

What are the Benefits of Joining AIU?

There are many benefits on why you should belong to a Union.

Unionized Workers Earn More. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, unionized workers earn  28% more then nonunion workers. Union Workers Stay Longer. Nearly 50 percent of union workers have been with their current employers for at least 10 years; only 22 percent of nonunion workers can make the same claim. Union workers have greater job stability, in part because they're more satisfied with their jobs, receive better pay, have better benefits and have access to fair grievance procedures. Even more important, most collective bargaining agreements protect union members from unjust discharge. Nonunion workers are "employees at will" who can be fired at any time for any reason-or for no reason. Allied International Union can negotiate wages, holidays, sick days, personal days, health benefits, retirement funds and much more.

What is the Cost of Belonging to Allied?

Union dues are used to pay the operating expenses of the Union, including office space, representatives’ salaries, printing, phones, travel, arbitrations, legal costs, training programs, meeting rooms, negotiations and much more.

Members of Allied will pay 15.00 per month in membership dues. The monthly dues have not been increased in over 15 years. Your union leaders recognize your hard work and dedication, and have opted to keep dues down for our entire membership. New members will not pay union dues until a signed contract is in effect.

Notice to Our Security Officers
(Beck/General Motors Notices)

The right by law to belong to AIU and to participate in its affairs is a very important right. Currently, you also have the right to refrain from becoming a member of AIU. If you choose this option, you may elect to satisfy requirements of a contractual union security provision by paying the equivalent of an initiation fee and monthly dues to AIU. In addition, non-members who object to payment in full of the equivalent of dues and fees may file written objections to funding expenditures that are not germane to AIU's duties as your agent for collective bargaining. If you choose to be an objector, your financial obligation may be reduced very slightly. Individuals who choose to file such objections should advise AIU in writing at its business address. AIU will then advise you of the amounts which you must pay and how these amounts are calculated, as well as any procedures we have for challenging our computations.

Please be advised that non-member status constitutes a full waiver of the rights and benefits of AIU membership. More specifically, this means that you would not be allowed to vote on contract modifications or new contracts; would be ineligible to hold union office or participate in union elections and all other rights, privileges, and benefits established for and provided to active AIU members by our Constitution and Bylaws.

We are confident that after considering your options, you will conclude that the right to participate in the decision making process of your Union is of vital importance to you, your family and your co-workers. Your involvement in your union is vital to the protection of job security, wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Does the Law Protect Workers Joining a Union?

Yes. Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act gives you the right to organize without the fear of your employer trying to intimidate you in giving up this right. For example, an employer cannot threaten to close a business or lay-off people because they seek Union representation (